[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PrepSpin offers our programming on all devices that connect to the internet. All you need is the YouTube App installed on your device or browse for game links. Below is some helpful tips to help you enjoy the best playback quality and live and on-demand experience.

YouTube Tips & Tricks:

Buffering on Live Video Feed – Try sliding your player progress bar back a few seconds. This works 95% of the time especially when watching in 720P HD

Quality is Poor on your end – Use the Tool Icon in the lower right of the player to select better quality. Your Choices will be 240, 360, 480, or 720P. In most cases you are on a lower quality by default especially on mobile devices. If your on a cell phone network than quality will default to 360 but it can be changed to higher resolution. We recommend that you watch our live broadcasts on your home network when possible. 

How can I test my speed on my network to achieve best quality? – Do a speed test by using – Our HD feeds require that you have a minimum of 5mbps download to watch it. 

Can I purchase a copy of the broadcast on DVD? – Yes, please contact us for ordering information. 

How can I watch the broadcast on my TV? – Buy a streaming device. We recommend Chromecast. You can cast the game from your computer, laptop, or mobile device to your TV using this device. Simply go to KHSAA.TV for KHSAA Events and find your game. When the YouTube video player launches you can select the ))) button to cast to your TV. For PrepSpin broadcasts all you need is the YouTube App installed on your mobile device and search PrepSpin and your good to go. We recommend for PrepSpin broadcasts Roku or Amazon Fire TV.