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PrepSpin.com was created to highlight student athletes online through rich digital media. Our service continues to open doors for coaches and student athletes at the next level while also promoting local schools and programs.
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Welcome to PrepSpin

It all started as a hobby! I was working a full time job at a company in Versailles, KY in the marketing field and just wanted to give back to our local schools in Jessamine County. At the time Jessamine had no coverage other than the local paper. I wanted to do something more for the schools so I started a blog.

I posted action photos along with game recaps. Then I got into pod casts where I would talk into a personal recorder and upload it to the blog after the game. Streaming video was not ready back in 2008. 

I was into website building and my boss asked me one day if I could figure out how to stream a radio signal to a private link so he could listen to his boy play baseball. I did the google search and figured it out. There was a server software that was free called icecast. It was a success! The light bulb went off that night. I thought if I could do that then I could do it for the Jessamine schools.

3G technology was just taking off at the time and audio streaming was possible. It wasn’t long before we were able to broadcast games live online. Our first game was a baseball game. It was Soutwestern at West Jessamine. 

I was approached by a radio station out of Stanford in 2009 to see if we had an interest in broadcasting the East and West Jessamine 12th Region Basketball games on the radio. The deal was we needed to sell some ads and we could do all the games on air that the Jessamine schools played in the tournament. The Colts played well and won the 12th Region. The feedback was great! Everyone said we did awesome in our first real radio gig. We had some hype and I wanted to do it even more than ever before. We continued to broadcast games in audio only online for the next year.

In 2010 video streaming was a possible thing. I started playing around with it. Later that year, I broadcast my first game in very low quality video. It was one of those things where I kept working hard at it and got better over time.

The internet got faster and computer processing got better over the next two years. In 2012 I joined iHigh as a state representative that went around to schools and taught them how to stream games online. I worked there for about a year before being laid off. By now, I had over 500 games under my belt. I knew I did not want to leave something that I have grown to love. I started to seek national events to stream.

 I landed my first event for the NJCAA a month before joining iHigh full time. That followed up with another event. When I was at iHigh I did a few events. The biggest one was the Alltech National Horse Show on behalf of iHigh. I guess you can say I knew what path I wanted to go when iHigh let me go.

Ironically iHigh called me back later that summer to do another NJCAA event out west and then another one. I did those events successfully and that’s when the KHSAA called me into a meeting.

We have since made KHSAA broadcast history and it feels so good knowing how far we have come with the transformation of KHSAA TV. I produced the first ever 720P HD video stream of a high school sports event in Kentucky. I followed that up with the first ever 1080p HD video stream. 

Fast forward to today and PrepSpin is the leading high school sports broadcast network in Kentucky. We pride ourselves on the quality of the stream we produce. As a matter of fact our streams rival those of national TV sports networks minus the million dollar trucks. 

What can I say, I fell in love with streaming high school sports and that is a passion I will forever hold. The bar has been raised high! 


PrepSpin was created to highlight student athletes in Central Kentucky online through high quality digital media. Our service continues to open doors for coaches and student athletes at the next level while also promoting local schools and programs.

In 2013 PrepSpin became the official streaming media partner of the KHSAA. We continue to grow while giving back to others.

PrepSpin also produces all of the Lexington Legends home games to the MiLB Network. We use the same equipment to stream local high school sports just like TV!